Hiring Symfony developers

Feb 19, 2022

We're looking for seasoned Symfony developers to join us in delivering tailored, reliable and scalable solutions.

Great, but everyone is hiring these days. What makes Sigwin special?

We like to make our code work for us instead of simply appending it to the end of a file. What do we mean by this? We embrace automation - anything that can be automated, should be automated - especially tests. We use CI pipelines to make sure we know when and where something is broken. Our code gets built and tested on every push.

Have you ever thought how cool it would be to have automated testing but there never was time in the project?

You just know in your heart that testing should be done but the next project is already around the corner. The deadline is next week. You say to yourself that you will set aside some free time at home and pick up a book on the subject. Yet, you’re tired and never get around to it. Maybe your manager/boss acknowledges that testing is great, and you should do it, just don't spend time on it - the customer won’t pay for something they don't see. They will, however, notice when something is broken.

That's why we invest heavily in automation and testing. We like to go home on time and spend our free time with our families.

Who is Sigwin anyway?

We are an experienced web development company focused on creating value for customers moving into e-commerce by building custom solutions based on Symfony (Pimcore, Sylius). Between us there are decades of real-world experience in delivering web-based software. We know how things should be done but not enough manpower to do everything we could. This is where you can help.


  • Enjoy a challenge You love working on complicated, intertwined projects

  • Pay attention to details You think about edge cases, your implementation matches the designs, your code handles garbage data!

  • Communicate clearly You don't miss meetings or notifications, and respond quickly

  • Love to work independently You’re welcome to ask questions as often as necessary, but should be able to complete work on time without being chased - we’re not micromanagers!

  • Work remotely You’re happy being part of a remote team, using Slack to keep connected, and with team calls using Google Meet

The role

Location: fully remote (CEST timezone), based in Zagreb, Croatia. Type: full employment, 3 month trial period.

Must have skills:

  • Expert level Symfony knowledge (4+ years)
  • Writing high quality PHP code, SOLID OOP principles
  • Databases (MySQL)
  • Docker usage (local dev environments)
  • Day to day Git usage (Gitlab)
  • Team work (merge requests, code reviews, communication via all the channels)
  • Highly motivated (to do good work, self-organize, improve, learn, teach)

Great to have (some of) skills: (but not required)

  • English (spoken and written)
  • Pimcore (Symfony-based EAV platform)
  • API Platform (Symfony-based API… eh, solution)
  • Search (Elasticsearch)
  • Cache (Varnish, Redis)
  • Automated testing (PHPUnit, Behat, etc)

Nice to have (some of) skills: (but not required)

  • German (spoken and written)
  • Sylius (Symfony-based e-commerce platform)
  • Cloud experience (AWS, Azure)
  • Kubernetes
  • Databases (PostgreSQL)
  • Queues (RabbitMQ)
  • Open source (Github)
  • CI / CD pipelines (Gitlab, Github)

{{< infobox >}} See some skills under "great" / "nice to have" that you’re missing? No problem, us working together means we teach you new skill as part of day to day work. Gotta Catch 'Em All, eh? :) This goes both ways - we expect to learn from you, too! {{< /infobox >}}

Starting monthly salary (bruto 2): {{< marker "25,000 - 40,000 HRK" >}}


  • Working with expert developers with decades of experience, each day is like a conference workshop
  • Possible hardware options (depending on your preferences)
  • One-time signing bonus / Home office budget
  • We're a remote-first company meaning you won't be left out just because you're not in the office

Do you think we might be a good fit?

Apply today and let's get talking.


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